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Beer Cocktails You Can Make in Minutes for College Party

Are you looking forward to a cool college party? Parties and other social gatherings might not be of great popularity this season due to COVID-19. But in a month or so, things will start to return to normalcy. And that means lots of college parties to celebrate your survival! And if you are playing host in one of these parties, you will need a couple of easy to prepare beer cocktail ideas. You might not host the party even but just want to make a favorable impression. Now you can!
Give all your fellow students a taste of a drink they have never probably have before. Cocktails based on beer are rare, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable. Beer assumed its position of being the go-to drink due to its versatility and that it can be handled with ease. If homework is getting in the way, hire an academic writer and ask them - do my college homework. The beer cocktails we are going to let you know about will fascinate everyone with their creative use. They are as follows:

Espresso stout

- 15 ml Cold Espresso
- 25ml Coffee Liqueur
- 500 ml Stout
Preparation Method
You start off making Espresso Stout by pouring about 25mls of cold espresso into a jug. After that, you add another 25 ml of coffee liqueur into the jar. Then stir the mixture before placing it in a fridge. When it gets cold, pour 500ml of stout in the pot. Serve immediately by diving the cocktail into 2 glasses or tumblers.

Weissen Sour

- 50ml of bourbon
- 25ml of lime juice preferable fresh
- 10ml of simple syrup
- Orange marmalade (1 bar spoon)
- Orange bitters (2 dashes)
- 50ml of white ale beer
Preparation Method
To prepare this drink, you simply mix all the ingredients. Add ice to the mixture and shake it. Serve with ice cubes. You can add lemon garnishing if you want.


- Lime juice (2 pieces of lime)
- Sea Salt (1 tablespoon)
- A bottle of beer
- A little bit of tequila
- Ice cubes
Preparation Method
Pour the lemon juice from one of the limes into a bowl. In a container, place the sea salt. Now dip the glass rims where you brushed the lime juice into the container bowl. After that, add the tequila and the lemon juice into the glass. Now it is time to add the beer in a manner to develop the cream. You can add a bit of Worcestershire sauce as a topping. Serve the drink after garnishing the glass with a slice of lime or lemon.

Campari IPA

Ingredients used:
- 50ml Campari
- 300ml IPA
- Orange peel and juice
This 5-minute beer-based cocktail serves two persons and is really easy to make. Place two to three pieces of ice cubes into two rocks glasses. Pour the Campari equally into the two glasses. Next, add a bit of orange juice and IPA. Before serving the beer cocktail, remember to brush the orange peel. Finally drop the orange peel into the glass. Serve!