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Published on April 10th, 2016 | by Martin Gray

Guinness West Indies Porter

Guinness West Indies Porter Martin Gray

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Summary: A little better than a standard Guinness


It's okay

User Rating: 3.8 (1 votes)

Commercial description: A West Indies Porter by Guiness is a deep rich and characterful porter with hints of toffee and chocolate.

Real Ale Review: With origins in an 1801 entry in GUINNESS’ brewers’ diaries, today’s GUINNESS WEST INDIES PORTER was inspired by the first beer purposely brewed at St. James’s Gate to sustain its freshness, wherever it was shipped. The beer is complex yet mellow, hoppy with notes of toffee and chocolate.

The recipe was a success and was soon shipped far and wide to countries in the Caribbean, America, Africa and South East Asia. Its ancestor, GUINNESS FOREIGN EXTRA STOUT is still sold there today.

This Porter pours a deep rich coffee black colour with a head that disappears very quickly. It has a scent of maple syrup and coffee with some mild stewed plum and some slight burnt toffee. It tastes of mild burnt toffee too with molasses and some light plum. Pretty heavy coffee flavour and smoky character.

Its’ okay – I liked it, I haven’t had a Guinness for a while and this is a reasonably good porter but not as unusual as i had hoped. I think its a clear attempt by  Guinness to claw back some of the market it has lost to Craft Brewers over the last few years. Hopefully they will come back with something better soon.

Aroma:  Burnt Toffee and coffee

Taste: Burnt Toffee and coffee, a certain smokyness

Strength: 6% ABV

Brewery: Guinness

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